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GOOD EATS is your one stop app that allows users to quickly look for nearby restaurants that fellow peers are RAVING about. It also allows users to add, share or view any restaurant reviews in the Greater Toronto Area. It allows users to share the latest specials, the available menu, make a reservation and also for people to leave reviews letting others know how their experience was. 

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This restless night makes me miss you so much. Or is it because I miss you that this night has become so restless. I miss the nights you’d sleep with me when I was scared of the monsters lurking in the shadows. I miss those nights i slept with you but couldnt fall asleep cause of your snoring. I miss how much you would spoil me and shower me with love. I miss your stories. I miss how you taught me everything  important I needed to know in life. Im thankful for the way you raised me and all the love you gave me. I regret not spending more time with you and loving you more. I miss you so much.
R.I.P. granmama 11.15.08.
You’ll forever be in my heart.

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Feed. Delicious. sensing a trend here…

The topic I chose to search was interior design. Upon searching for my topic the first difference I noticed with Delicious was that all the results were all from blogs and displayed little information. Instead they were accompanied with related hash tags. Initially, this made it more difficult to quickly grasp whether a source was useful or not. However, with the accompaniment of Sage and The Old Reader, the filtration and management system was much more efficient than regular search engines.  With regular search engines you bookmark tabs and are kept updated through regular visits to sites. With Sage and The Old Reader, all the links you save are compiled together into one big feed. This feed not only updates itself but it also allows you to conveniently view all your content on one page. Another pro to this the ease of accessibility to these sites. Opposed to bookmarks, which are saved onto a computer, these sites can be accessed from any computer through your RSS reader.  In terms of personal data management, it allows users to make their own content easier to find, and keep track of. However, a con I see in this system is the fact that some sources do not enable RSS. This makes it harder to keep track of all your websites and sources. All in all, this tool is a convenient way of managing information online. 

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Its time to move on

Its time to move on

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The Art of Collusion

In return for the convenience of being able to surf the internet at the tip of our fingertips we surrender our security and privacy. The problem is, we give it up without even knowing we are! Everything we visit a website or browse through the web, we are being tracked. This means that visiting one website can lead to multiple other sites being able to trace you. Information is often being traded back and forth between the sites while you browse without you even knowing. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Collusion I would have never known the extent of the lack of security we have on the internet today.  The web browser app Collusion allows us to become aware of which of the sites we visit monitor us and what links they share the information with. The app Collusion helps to reassure me, even if it’s only the slightest bit, by allowing me the option to block known sites that are tracking me. It generates a graph that links everything site you visit to the network of links that it allows your information to leak to. ­

One would think that after knowing which sites has a network of tracers, and being able to block certain sites would make you feel safer. However in actuality, after only 20 mins of web surfing and seeing this graph makes reality all the scarier. Looking at the graph you see that one website will branch off into several other apps and I began to realize that everything was intertwined. Then it hit me, everyone and everything are connected. Instagram would link to Facebook, which would link to Youtube, tumblr and so forth. And each of these social media platforms branched off into their own set of tracers. This told me that they were all connected. Watching me, tracing me, tracking me. Internet safety is more than just taking precautions about what you’re uploading on Facebook and Instagram. In today’s society where the world wide web is so invisible you have to take more steps to ensure you’re protecting yourself and I believe Collusion is the beginning of something great that can help make the internet a safer and better place for everyone. 

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